Commitment to Safety

The greatest resource of any organization is its employees. At United our goal is to ensure continued service to you, the community, by doing all we can to keep our work force healthy and on the job. Maintaining a safe workplace is essential to United Employment Solution’s operations, and it is the company’s policy to promote safety on the job and to comply with applicable laws regarding safety in the workplace. The health and well-being of employees is foremost among the company’s concerns.

On-Site Training

Site specific training is essential to any business. Here at United we offer site specific safety training that is detailed to your workforce and operations. We understand the time restrictions a business may have so we schedule the trainings at your convenience. Injuries as well as potential hazards are tracked and monitored by our team. The data is analyzed to implement corrective actions, trainings, and to identify any trends or areas of opportunity/concern.

Work Safe Programs

Pre-assesment and routine site safety inspections to assist in identifying hazards to ensure ALL employees are working in a safe environment. We not only work to mitigate losses but we strive to educate our employees in workplace safety. Teaching them skills that can transcend throughout the company.


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