Pregnancy, Childbirth or Related Conditions

Leave because of the employee’s disability for pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition is not counted as time used under California law (the California Family Rights Act). However, time off because of pregnancy disability, childbirth or related medical condition does count as family and medical leave under federal law (the Family and Medical Leave Act). Employees who take time off for pregnancy disability and who are eligible for family and medical leave will also be placed on family and medical leave that runs at the same time as their pregnancy disability leave. Once the pregnant employee is no longer disabled, or once the employee has exhausted PDL and has given birth she may apply for leave under the California Family Rights Act, for purposes of baby bonding.

Any leave taken for the birth, adoption, or foster care placement of a child does not have to be taken in one continuous period of time. California Family Rights Act leave taken for the birth or placement of a child will be granted in minimum amounts of two weeks. However, the Company will grant a request for a California Family Rights Act leave (for birth/placement of a child) of less than two weeks’ duration on any two occasions. The Company may also grant additional requests for leave lasting less than two weeks at its discretion. Any leave taken must be concluded within one year of the birth or placement of the child with the employee.