Health and Benefit Plans

An employee taking family medical leave will be allowed to continue participating in the health benefit plans in which he/she was enrolled before the first day of the leave (for a maximum of 12 workweeks, or 26 workweeks if the leave is to care for a covered servicemember) at the level and under the conditions of coverage as if the employee had continued in employment for the duration of such leave. The Company will continue to make the same premium contribution as if the employee had continued working. The continued participation in health benefits begins on the date leave first begins. In some instances, the Company may recover from an employee premiums paid to maintain health coverage. Payment is due when it would be made by payroll deduction.

Employees on pregnancy disability leave will be allowed to continue to participate in group health coverage for up to a maximum of four months of pregnancy disability leave (if such insurance was provided before the leave was taken) on the same terms as if you had continued to work. The right to continued group health coverage during pregnancy disability leave is a separate and distinct entitlement from the CFRA entitlement.